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WCF.M1.L37 - World Christian Foundations Study Guide

Objectives: To be able to...
  • Write an accurate and effective thesis statement.
  • Research the internet and other electronic sources to gather information to test or support your thesis.
  • Research and write a research paper that tests or substantiates your thesis.

  • General
  •   Writing a Research Paper

  • Online Writing Lab
  •   Writing a Thesis Statement

  • The Writing Center
  •   Thesis and Purpose Statements
  •   Developing a Thesis Statement

  •   PILOT website: will have to register with your name and e-mail address to use this website)

  • Optional
  •   The following articles will be very helpful to your research and writing. Go to the owl web site:
    and click with your mouse on the title of the articles you want to read.

  • Online Writing Lab
  •  The Writing Process
  •   -Creating a Thesis Statement
  •   -Developing an Outline
  •   -Proofreading Your Writing
  •   -Writer’s Block/ Writer’s Anxiety
  •  General Academic Writing
  •   -Adding Emphasis in Writing
  •   -Conciseness
  •   -Establishing Arguments
  •   -Paragraphs & Paragraphing
  •   -Sentence Variety
  •   -Transitions and Transitional Devices
  •   -Using Appropriate Language

Personal Response, Intellectual Journal, Notes


Online Writing Lab

Research and Citation

-Conducting Primary Research

-Evaluating Sources of Information

-Research: Overview

-Searching the World Wide Web

The Writing Center

Stages in the Writing Process

- Planning and Writing a Research Paper

- Peer Reviews

- Twelve Common Errors: An Editing Checklist

- How to Proofread Your Paper