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WCF.M3.L43 - World Christian Foundations Study Guide

Objectives: To be able to...
  • Relate the character of the Reformation in England to, and differentiate it from, that of the Lutheran, Reformed, and Anabaptist Reformations.
  • Relate major events in the course of the English Reformation to social, political, and religious developments on the continent and (later) in the Americas.
  • Articulate a basic philosophy of history.

  • Introduction
  • Winter, ed: WCF Module Three Study Guide and Lesson Overviews
  • 146-147Lesson 43 Introduction

  • General
  • Latourette: A History of Christianity, Vol. 2: 1500-1975
  • 797-813English Reformation

  • Stark: For the Glory of God
  • 87-92English Reformation
  • 121-124Religious Origins of Science
  • 124-127aWhat is Science
  • 128-130aThe Mythical Dark Ages
  • 134The Mythical Dark Ages

  • O’Brien: Oxford Atlas of World History
  • 88-89The Muslim World 1000- 1400
  • 107Economy After the Black Death (chart)
  • 128-131The Growth of the Atlantic Economies and the Rise of European Commercial Empires

  • McNeill: A World History
  • 313-316International Politics
  • 317-319Review: The Renaissance
  • 325-326Review: Emergence of Cultural Pluralism
  • 359-366The Old Regime Europe 1648-1789
  • 374-376The Arts, Classical and Romantic through Roots of Europe’s Dominance

  • Winter, ed: WCF Module Three Study Guide and Lesson Overviews
  • 147-149Lesson 43 Review

  • Inductive Bible Study
  • Snodderly, ed: WCF Degree Study Programs: All Module Reader
  • 137Global Teams–Study A: Applying the Word

  • Optional
  • Latourette: A History of Christianity, Vol. 2: 1500-1975
  • 884-893Confused Arbitrament of Arms

  • Johnson: A History of the Jews
  • 243b-259aJews in Europe, Kabbalah, Messianism

  • Stark: For the Glory of God
  • 135-140The Copernican Revolution

  • Mandryk: Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide for Every Nation 7th Edition
  • 177-180Bukina Faso
Personal Response, Intellectual Journal, Notes

Assignments (continued)

Optional (cont.)

Boorstin: The Discoverers

4-12 The Temptation of the Moon: Calendars

312-322 A Vision Troubled and Surprised: Galileo

322-327 Caught in the Cross Fire: Galileo

327-332 New World Within: The Microscope

376-383 “The Microscope of Nature”

547d-556a Toward a World Literature

Johnson: A History of the Jews

243-273b Jews in Europe, Kabbalah, Messianism


Greek Lessons

Greek 43

Reflection Questions
  • In what ways did Henry VIII merely replicate the preexisting temporal and ecclesiastical order? In what ways did he introduce revolutionary innovations? In what ways did he lay the groundwork for true reformation of the church?

  • Is the English Reformation best seen as a movement imposed and guided from above? Or is it better seen as an opportunistic attempt to harness a social movement already far beyond Henry VIII’s or his successors’ abilities to restrain or control? Defend your answer.