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WCF.M4.L19 - World Christian Foundations Study Guide

Objectives: To be able to...
  • Suggest possible actions that can be taken in the quest for greater social and economic justice.
  • Analyze recent reformation movements within Islam from the viewpoint of a quest for justice.

  • Introduction
  • Winter, ed: WCF Module Four Study Guide and Lesson Overviews
  • 76-77Lesson 19 Introduction

  • General
  • Christian: Maps of Time
  • 448-454Acceleration of the Twentieth Century: The Contradictions of Capitalism: Inequality and Poverty

  • O’Brien: Oxford Atlas of World History
  • 248-255South Asia, Southeast Asia, Japan, China
  • 256-257Africa since 1939

  • Evangelicals and Social Concern
  • Moreau, ed: Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions
  • 297-299Economics
  • 319-322Ethics
  • 529-531Justice of God

  • Myers: Exploring World Mission
  • 29-35State of the World’s Resources

  • Re-read this selection from Newbigin in the light of the issues of social and economic justice and the Church’s responsibility.

  • Islamic Fundamentalism, Iran
  • Snodderly, ed: WCF Degree Study Programs: All Module Reader
  • 329Hamme: World System: A Thumbnail Sketch

  • Samuel, ed.: Mission as Transformation
  • 261-276Wheaton Consultation: The Church in Response to Human Need

  • Walls, ed.: Mission in the 21st Century
  • 62-83Steuernagle and Haddad: To Seek to Transform Unjust Structures of Society

  • Corrie: Dictionary of Mission Theology
  • 294-298Poor/Poverty

  • Butare: International Development from a Kingdom Perspective
  • 89-100Befus and Bauman: Economic Justice for the Poor

  • Winter, ed: WCF Module Four Study Guide and Lesson Overviews
  • 78-79Lesson 19 Review

  • Hesselgrave: Missionshift: Global Mission Issues in the Third Millenium
  • 164-191Winter; The Future of Evangelicals in Mission

  • Inductive Bible Study
  • Snodderly, ed: WCF Degree Study Programs: All Module Reader
  • 357Global Teams: Module 4 Global Teams Inductive Bible Study Guidelines: Study J: The Big Picture

  • Optional
  • Myers: Walking With the Poor
  • 57-90Chapter 3: Poverty and the Poor

  • Newbigin: The Gospel in a Pluralist Society
  • 130c-140ch. 11 Mission: Word, Deed, New Being

  • Mandryk: Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide for Every Nation 7th Edition
  • 464-469Iran
Personal Response, Intellectual Journal, Notes

Reflection Questions
  • Can we as evangelicals really help work toward greater social and economic justice? Should we?

  • What exactly are the moderates and Puritans in conflict regarding? To what degree is the desire for social justice fueling the Puritans’ movement and does El Fadl suggest any other factors underlying their goals and methods that may even complete or outweigh the social justice factor?

  • What were the motivations behind Mao’s cultural revolution? Would you agree or disagree that the evidence points to an underlying desire for social justice? Why or why not? What went wrong in this major social upheaval?