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WCF.M4.L21 - World Christian Foundations Study Guide

This lesson offers you a choice of readings. The suggested reading time is about 3 hrs. Get acquainted with liberation theology and base communities in the church. While these are more prominent in Latin America, they are found in other parts of the Third World also, especially in some areas of Africa.

Objectives: To be able to...
  • Describe liberation theology’s rootage in the Latin American context.
  • Analyze the distinctive new orientation expressed in liberation theology and how that is distinguised from Euroamerican theology.
  • Explain some of the reasons for the controversy surrounding Liberation theology and the significance for missiology.

  • Introduction
  • Winter, ed: WCF Module Four Study Guide and Lesson Overviews
  • 81-82Lesson 21 Introduction

  • General
  • Pierson: The Dynamics of Christian Mission
  • 1-10ch. 34 Major Issues Facing the Church

  • Liberation Theology
  • Snodderly, ed: WCF Degree Study Programs: All Module Reader
  • 277-288Gration: #4 Hundley: Liberation Theology and the Contextualization of the Gospel

  • Thomas, ed: Classic Texts in Mission and World Christianity
  • 185-204Mission as Liberation

  • The Church in Latin America
  • Cook, ed: The New Face of the Church in Latin America
  •  Introduction
  •  #3 Escobar: The Church in Latin America After 500 Years: An Evangelical Missiological Perspective
  •  #4 Cook: Protestant Mission and Evangelization in Latin America
  •  #5 Berg & Pretiz: Five Waves of Protestant Evangelization
  •  #12 Cook: Genesis and Practice of Protestant Base Communities in Latin America
  •  #16 Sáenz: Nicaragua: Political Metamorphosis of Evangelicals
  •  #21 Cook: The Many Faces of the Latin American Church

  • Moreau, ed: Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions
  • 554-559Latin America
  • 574-576Liberation Theologies

  • Myers: Exploring World Mission
  • 61The Church in the World: Latin America

  • Samuel, ed.: Mission as Transformation
  • 11-24Kingdom Affirmations and Commitments

  • Corrie: Dictionary of Mission Theology
  • 157-162Holistic Mission
  • 203-206Latin American Theology
  • 206-210Liberation

  • Winter, ed: WCF Module Four Study Guide and Lesson Overviews
  • 82-84Lesson 21 Review

  • Hesselgrave: Missionshift: Global Mission Issues in the Third Millenium
  • 192-202Moreau: Looking Backward While Going Forward

  • Inductive Bible Study
  • Snodderly, ed: WCF Degree Study Programs: All Module Reader
  • 357Global Teams: Module 4 Global Teams Inductive Bible Study Guidelines: Study J: Applying the Word
Personal Response, Intellectual Journal, Notes

Assignments (cont.)


Mandryk: Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide for Every Nation, 7th Edition

634-637 Nicaragua

667-670 Panama

Reflection Questions
  • The appearance of base ecclesial communities in Latin America embodied a whole new departure in the Christian tradition. True or false? Support your answer.

  • Praxis is one of the words that frequently appears in descriptions of liberation theology. How is liberation theology distinguished from dominant or Euroamerican or systematic theology?

  • Liberation theology has been highly praised and severely denounced. What are some of the reasons for this? What significance do these reasons have for missiology?