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WCF.M4.L48 - World Christian Foundations Study Guide

This lesson lists readings in normal order. Feel free to get acquainted with most of the selections and then choose which areas to focus on.

Objectives: To be able to...
  • Discuss problem areas in communicating the gospel among Buddhists and those following Chinese or Japanese religions.
  • Analyze crucial issues related to indigenization of the gospel and the body of Christ.

  • Introduction
  • Winter, ed: WCF Module Four Study Guide and Lesson Overviews
  • 173-174Lesson 48 Introduction

  • General

    IJFM 11,4
  • 173-176Wang: Key Issues for World Evangelism

  • Buddhism

    IJFM (July 1993) 10,3 “Buddhism”
    Especially pp 131b-132b, 136b-138 of Covell’s article. Skim other articles of interest.
  • 129-138Covell: Buddhism and the Gospel Among the Peoples of China
  • 118-123Kung: Evangelizing Buddhists...
  • 105-115Stephens: Looking at Buddhist America

  • Chinese Religion

  • An approach to the ancestor cult in China.
  • Winter, ed: WCF Program: Module Four Reader
  •  48A Covell: The Conflict of the Gospel and Culture in China: W.A.P. Martin’s Answer

  •  Christian Witness to Buddhists

  • Japanese Religion

  • Missiology (July 1998) 26,3, ATLA Religion Database
  • 275-288Dale: “Why the Slow Growth of the Japanese Church?”

  • De-Westernization

  • Missiology (January 1978) 6
  • 53-79Taber: “The Limits of Indigenization in Theology”

  • Lingenfelter and Lingenfelter: Teaching Cross-Culturally
  • 71-85Ch. 6: The Role of the Teacher

  • Winter, ed: WCF Module Four Study Guide and Lesson Overviews
  • 174-177Lesson 48 Review

  • Walls, ed.: Mission in the 21st Century
  • 157-164Miyamoto: Worship is Nothing But Mission: A Reflection on Some Japanese Experiences

  • Corrie: Dictionary of Mission Theology
  • 38-41Buddhist Relaions
  • 66-70Contexualizatoin
Personal Response, Intellectual Journal, Notes

Assignments (cont.)

General (cont.)

Winter and Hawthorne, eds.: Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (4th edition)

372 Han: Korean Sending

374 Wan: Chinese Sending

374 Fernando: Filipino Sending


JAAR (September 1983) 51,3, ATLA Religion Database

427-458 Yearly: “A Comparison between Classical Chinese Thought and Thomistic Christian Thought”

Mandryk: Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide for Every Nation, 7th Edition

769-774 Sri Lanka

Reflection Questions
  • What issues need to be kept in mind in communicating the gospel to Buddhists, especially in the Chinese and Japanese worlds?

  • What kinds of limits and potential pitfalls may be associated with indigenization, contextualization, and de-Westernization?