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WCF.M4.L53 - World Christian Foundations Study Guide

Objectives: To be able to...
  • Recount the recent history and current state of evangelicalism in the United States.
  • Discuss the complexity of establishing criteria for sociocultural groups.
  • Identify both apparent strengths and weaknesses of evangelicalism as a sociocultural movement.

  • Introduction
  • Winter, ed: WCF Module Four Study Guide and Lesson Overviews
  • 196-197Lesson 53 Introduction

  • General
  • Winter, ed: WCF Program: Module Four Reader
  •  53A Bloesch: The Problem of Evangelical Identity
  •  53B Hatch & Hamilton: Taking the Measure of the Evangelical Resurgence (50 years of evangelicalism, its successes and challenges.)

  • Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion (March 1997) 36, ATLA Religion Database
  • 71-80Perrin et al.: “Examining the Sources of Conservative Church Growth: Where are the New Evangelical Movements Getting their Numbers?”

  • Word and World (Winter 2000) 20,1, ATLA Religion Database
  • 22-31Sundberg: “Religious Trends in Twentieth-Century America”

  • JETS (June 2000) 43,2, ATLA Religion Database
  • 287-301Van Pelt Campbell: “Religion and Culture: Challenges and Prospects in the Next Generation”

  • The Christian Century (July 2000) 117,21, ATLA Religion Database
  • 19-26Marty: “Will Success Spoil Evangelicalism?”

  • Hiebert: Transforming Worldviews
  • 211-239The Worldview of Late Modernity or Postmodernity
  • 165-306Toward a Biblical Worldview

  • Hanciles: Beyond Christendom
  • 303-323On the Road with Ancestors: America’s New African Immigrants

  • McNeill: A World History
  •  Review:

  • Hesselgrave: Missionshift: Global Mission Issues in the Third Millenium
  • 223-232Barnett: The Mission Key to the Future of Evangelical Mission

  • Winter, ed: WCF Module Four Study Guide and Lesson Overviews
  • 197-198Lesson 53 Review

  • Partridge, ed: Introduction to World Religions
  • 349-355Brierly: Christianity in the Modern World

  • Optional
  • Mandryk: Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide for Every Nation 7th Edition
  • 566-568Singapore
Personal Response, Intellectual Journal, Notes

Reflection Questions
  • Who or what is an evangelical? How would you defend your choice of criteria?

  • All commentators remark on (1) the lack of a common center to evangelicalism and (2) its vibrant vitality. Are these observations in contradiction? Why or why not?

  • Is evangelicalism a success story?